Chef Gilberto Cetina - Traditional Cuisine of Yucatan, Mexico

book_spThe foods of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula are the focus of the cookbook titled Sabores Yucatecos: A Culinary Tour of the Yucatan.This region of Mexico offers foods with an allure that matches the mystique of the ancient Maya. The foods are rich in history and tradition. The book's guide is Chef Gilberto Cetina, who learned the culinary secrets of his mother as a young boy and brought them to his restaurant in Los Angeles, Chichen Itza Restaurant, that specializes in Yucatecan cuisine.


Food writer Katharine A. Diaz assisted Chef Cetina. She has written about Latino cuisine for many national publications as well as for the Encyclopedia Latina (Scholastic Library Publishing). As an amateur chef, she interprets Cetina's delicacies tep-by-step for the home cook. Novice or experienced cooks will be fascinated by what they discover about the Yucatan region, its culture and the stories behind its cuisine.


They will read how the foods of Spain, the Middle East and the Netherlands influenced the cooking of the region.They will learn about such classic ingredients as lima agria, achiote, recados and chile habanero that give the food its uniqueness. They will learn about a traditional cooking technique called pibil.They will learn to make everything from such delectable appetizers as panuchos and kibis to such main dishes as the region's famous cochinita pibil, puchero de tres carnes and banana-wrapped tamales. And then there are the desserts... This is the book that delivers the tastes of the Yucatan.