Chef Gilberto Cetina - Traditional Cuisine of Yucatan
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My dream of establishing a festival celebrating the culture of Yucatán lives on in its third installment, coming next August 2015 at Mercado La Paloma 〜 The month long festival will offer a photographic exhibit, lectures, cooking demonstrations, musical and dance performances that illustrate and educate about the Mayan and Yucatecan cultures 〜 The Magic of Yucatán was sponsored by Mercado La Paloma, Chichén Itzá Restaurant, State Government of Yucatán, INDEMAYA, Mexican Board of Tourism and supported by Cervantes Center of Arts & Letters, ARCOS Foundation, City of Los Angeles 9th Council Office and Live-in-Music.

Check out last year's video compilation!

This great video is a composition of the second edition of the festival which featured: Ballet Folklórico Xhanát dancing to Jaranas, doing the "Dance of the Bottles" and the Dance of the Pig's Head" 〜 The artwork of Mário Sibaja (wood sculptured murals), Olivia Barrionuevo (photography), David Mir (caricature), Ignácio Fernandez (watercolor), Blanca Cetina (bordado) and Luis Coral (painting), with Yucatecan and Mayan themes 〜 Lectures by the acclaimed Gregorio Luke; Mayan Under the Stars and architect Ignacio Fernandez, on his three year adventure in the Mayan jungle and his artistic take on Mayan codices 〜 Chef Cetina and Gilberto Cetina Jr.'s gastronomy classes, teaching those attending the mighty Roasted Habanero Sauce, hand grinded with a "molcajete" 〜 Jorge Gamboa, head of Mexico's Board of Tourism in Los Angeles, was the feature speaker a the opening 〜 The Magic of Yucatan was sponsored by Mercado La Paloma, Chichén Itzá Restaurant, Mexican Board of Tourism and supported by Cervantes Center of Arts & Letters.


Chef Cetina's original Gourmet Habanero Sauces have been a hit at his restaurant for over a decade. now you can order them for you or as a special gift to any food coinousseur. Learn more here..
Visit Chichén Itzá Restaurant's website here. Learn more about Chef Cetina's praised establishment, recognized as one the top three Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles.
Chef Cetina's newly released Spanish version of Sabores yucatecos, his cookbook of Yucatecan traditional cuisine. Learn more here..
Chef Cetina's cookbook Sabores Yucatecos, A Culinary Journey of the Yucatán, first published in english. Learn more here..
The 2nd Anual Magic of Yucatan Festival brought an assortment of art, dance, lectures and gastronomic presentations. Watch a video resume here..
Chef Cetina's Annual Habanero Eating Contest got pretty hot in its 4th Edition, as the top three contestants ate just about 150 chilies! Check out the video here..